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The life of a New York WASP

20 July
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, 3am bike adventures, acting, aim, air conditioning, allure, anime, art, asians, baking, beauty, being a wasp, being drunk, being spoiled, bikinis, bonding, boobs, cake, california, camping, cashmere, chinese, claudia, cleavage, clothes i never wear, cologne, cozy, cracking joints, cruises, crying, cuddling, dancing, dresses, drunk haircuts, dumbo, elle, elliott smith, expensive jeans, eyelashes, eyeliner, eyes, fashion, feathers, feeling loved, first kisses, flirting with disaster, flowers, friends, fuck buddies, gasoline rainbows, getting dressed up, glamour, going to sleep early, grad party, grand theft auto, grey skies, grimaldi's pizza, guitar riffs, guys, halo, hawaii, herbs, hiking, holding on, humor, i love you, ice, insomnia, kauaii, kentucky, kissing, ladybugs, legwarmers, lingerie, liz phair, los altos, love, lust, luxury, makeup, medical stuff, misteltoe, my new downstairs, my roof, naps, nervous silence, never letting go, new car smell, new york city, northstar, olive and bette's, painting, parties, passion, perogis, photographs, photography, pictures, pink, pirates, plasma tvs, porn stars, prayer flags, presents, ps2, quoting chappelle, rain, redbull and vodka, road trips, rock climbing, romance, sarcasm, scarves, scrapbooks, sephora, sexy, shopping, singing, skanky underwear, skiing, sledding, sleep, sleepovers, snapshots, sneaking into abandoned playgrounds, snowboarding, snuggling, soho, soul food, soup, spanish, stargazing, staying up late, suede boots, sweet charity, telling stories about myself, the beach, the doors, the first move, the mars volta, the pacific ocean, the pixies, the shins, thongs, travelling with friends, us weekly, victoria's secret, wilderness, xbox, yoohoo